Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mural Project - June!

So its been a busy time down at 26 Collective Studios with the on going Mural project shaping up nicely. New additions have been added by Gav Stewart, Big Steve and a few others. We also hosted a special Like A Daydream Shoegaze special with Dj Yogi. I don't know how often I could handle 4 hours of shoegaze music but it was a good night all the same and its good to hear some different tunes. I'm having a wee break from the project as we have some new faces moving into 26 which means some old faces are leaving but they are going onto bigger adventures, I'm actually really jealous. But in the mean time we will be aiming to get some more fun events going and should have some new podcasts up on the Vimeo & the Mixcloud so keep an eye out over the next few days! Big thanks to everyone who's taken part and helped out so far!

 Be warned, the last 2 photo's show the effects of too much Shoegaze!!!