Thursday, 29 March 2012

Deid Sleekit by Stewart Ross @ 26 Collective Studios!

So Stew finally stepped out of the post art school bubble and organised his first solo show! The show was a good mixture of humurous drawings, kidney stones (the little brown sugary lumps in the jars) and a one off performance by Stew in his medical gown. There seemed to be a lot of new faces and a real buzz which is quite unusual for an exhibition by non student / up market gallery, a good thing I'd say but then Stew is one of the nicest cats out there so of course everyone was gonna show some love. It was really good to see the main room being used for a show too as it had been a while since Mark Rennie's show back in October but hopefully over the coming year we can get more of these events happening outwith the studio, art can happen anywhere, you just have to put a little effort in to make it work!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

26 Collective Are GO! GO! GO!

Its been a pretty bust time of it down at the Studio with some big changes in the shape of new studio residents and also in perspectives about how best to position ourselves on the cultural landscape of Aberdream! So far we've been a pretty insular group working externally through various groups like Carig & Jim with Stray Dog, my own various ventures but since doing the first few POST night's I think we've come to realise that we could do a bit more to help the local art scene a little, even if its just saying "Hi" to a few students every once in a while and showing them how to be self sufficient. We are a collective based on shared studio space but this doesn't mean were exclusive or closed off to new people either, its just meeting people who are on the same wave length and have the same goals which is really exciting.

Its amazing how few people actually know about the studio's or what we do down there. But its also taken us a long time to find our feet as individual artists but also in the group sense but its great being in a space with a nice bunch of like minded individuals and everyone is working in different areas but with the possiblity to cross over! The addition of Indian Red Lopez has everyone really excited, they've finished and released their debut album, Open Your Lungs And Breathe and plan to work on new material for a follow up! It does mean the main party room is gonna be out of action but this has just pushed us into thinking more outside the box and how to bring the atmosphere and vibe of the studio out into the wider scene. Exciting times!

Also Jim & Stew both have / had art shows on this month with Jim's On Horizon There Be Giants show ongoing at Kilau and Stew had a special one night only show, Deid Sleekit, down at the studio. Should have some videos and photos coming soon!