Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hello World..... Again!

Ok so this is the second blog site weve set up but hopefuly it will be up dated a lot more than the previous site and with more interesting posts about what were up to in the studios!

Its now been a year since we moved into 26 Studios and its been a busy year as well! The first few months were spent figuring out how best to use our spaces, in my case I couldnt until I'd cleared out all the debris and shit, then I had to fix the walls and the roof to make sure I didn't get buried alive! That took about 6 months but it was worth it, I found it nice to have some hands on work to do.

In April Craig ventured out with his giant Kal-eye-doscope sculpture, you can see a quick video I made here! In June we held our first party at the studios with everyone setting up their rooms, Craigs had a giant cave wall for drawing on, Jim's room became the performance room where we showed some videos and Stewart performed live, I turned half of my room into a mini installation, Stewart set up his own mini gallery & Kieran dj'ed from the comfort of his room! I think the night was quite a big success in showing us the capabilities of the space.

July brought more fun with the Mobile Creative Village project led by Craig. Everyone got a chance to be involved in workshops as part of the project and were hoping to build on this one and maybe take it further this year!

August saw the completion of my room as a working space, the other guys were well into their own projects and Fraser was on the move to Glasgow where hes establishing his video business! Amy moved into his room in September along with Louise and Craig started on another big project this time for the National Theatre of Scotland. Extreme is the name of the project and its a multi discipline project involving creative arts, dance, extreme sports, sculpture, ceildh's and a load more!

October & November were busy times in the studio with Extreme meetings, parties, rooms being shifted around again (thats mostly my bag) and Kieran making everything white with his 7 bags of plaster! Nothing better than seeing people getting stuck in!

And finally in December its been a time of quiet reflection and a chance to gather our heads and to look ahead for this new year 2011! Here's to a new year, new projects & new friends!