Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jim Ewan @ Strategic Music Partnership Day!

A wonderful event that Jim put a hell of a lot of time and work into, all captured forever by video bad boy Fraser Denholm! If you missed it then have a scan, it might give you some ideas about the music industry with in Aberdeen and beyond! Hopefully the lads will be doing another event in the near future so keep yer peepers peeled!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Futurising by Kieran McCrudden!

Well if you didn't get over to Limousine Bull in Torry in the last week or so then you will have missed Kieran's Futurising show. The work was mainly photographic, portraits of friends dressed in specific costumes constructed from old clothes and discarded pike parts, cameras & fan grills! The centre piece to the show looked like some sort of futuristic pleasure seat, almost like the vibro chairs you find in Union Square but a lot cooler! You can see some snaps from the opening night HERE and I am well looking forward to seeing what Kieran starts working on next!

Drawings by Craig Barrowman @ Barr 99's!

Ongoing this month is current exhibition by studio head Craig Barrowman. He's spent that last month working on a selection of fine ink drawings. The show is up right now in the upper floor of Bar99's so head on down and check them out and perhaps even purchase one if the fancy takes you!

Monday, 12 December 2011

POST @ Studio 26!

POST is a new weekly get together down at the studio. All we want to do is listen to some tunes, play around with visuals, maybe record some dj sets, show some films, encourage people to draw, experiment, discuss and think. All pretty easy going, were just providing the space for people to expand their brains after a week at work or in the studio, a space to come and unwind in and speak freely!

Were hoping to record pod casts every week, whether this be dj sets or playlists people have submitted along with visuals from a selection of local film makers and vjs.If you have any ideas or would like to contribute to any up coming events then please feel free to email me at, I might not get back to you but its worth a shot anyway! You can listen & watch the first pod casts here! The 4th POST event is taking place this Friday, details here!

POST # 1 & 2

Craig Barrowman 'Drawings' @ Bar 99's!

A new selection of Drawings will be on show by local badass Craig Barrowman opening Wednesday night at Bar 99's. A good excuse to get out on a Wednesday night!

Friday, 2 December 2011

FUTURISING - Kieran McCruden @ limousine bull

26's sculpture and darkroom man Kieran McCruden has a solo exhibition, 'Futurising' coming up this month at limousine bull.  He'll be showing some large-scale sculpture and hand-printed photographs - it opens Fri 9 Dec at 7pm, you should go!

26 Studios - november update

Another great post from Jonty/M.O.C over at his blog, reporting on november's goings on down in our wondrous art dungeon. Go check it out!

Tuff Wax/Dolfinz Release Party @ 26 Studio!

26 Studios' resident video-wizard M.O.C organised the first Tuff Wax launch event recently down in the Stray Dog Project Room. Get over to his blog for some pics and video from the night.  

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kieran McKrudden @ Limousine Bull!

So Kieran has been a pretty busy beaver getting his work ready for his up coming show at Limousine Bull opening on Friday 9th December. Should be a good night with DO ITs final party kick off at Snafu later on! Busy bumbles all round!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Mark Rennie Closing Party

Good times at the 26 Studio for Mark's closing party performance. You can see more pics here!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Escape our habits of mind...(a preview of some recent work)

Kaplank Kapow SHAPE 2011

The righteous dudes at Kaplank Kapow are doing another 'SHAPE' project this year, encouraging the creative mutilation of skateboards in the name of art.  Go check out the details here

Friday, 14 October 2011

Devout Fanaticism preview night

We had an excellent night on thursday in the Stray Dog Project Room launching Mark Rennie's exhibition.  More pics here.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elvis has left the building......

...R.I.P. Steve Jobs, you did a lot. I wish people would get this excited about stuff nowadays!

Stray Dog Present Devout Fanaticism by Mark Rennie

Dark, dark drawings & prints by the very talented Mark Rennie! Get down the studios between 6 - 10pm tonight. I think Mark is also doing a one off performance of ambient / drone music later in the month, expect creepy things! Facebook details HERE!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


A peek at some of the wildlife photography I have been working on - Amy

Donald Watson @ 26 Studios

The Stray Dogs organised a fly show for local lad Donald Watson after he spent 2 weeks working out ideas in Kieran's room. The end result was pretty wild! Check out more photos HERE!

Rudimentary Perfect Video by Fraser Denholm

One time studio 26 occupant & collective member Fraser Denholm has produced a rather awesome video to accompany the recent Rudimentary Perfection show down in Glasgow's Recoat gallery. Check out his other videos by clicking on his name!

Rudimentary Perfection from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

January in the Studios!

Been a busy old month down at 26 Studios this month, Jim & Craig have moved into the same room, freeing up the bigger room which is being transformed into a Stray Dog work room / gallery / events room! The first event is going to be the Aberdeen Premiere of An Island, a new music film by Vincent Moon featuring the Danish band Efterklang and 200 of their friends!

Kieran has been in busting up his fridge inside plater casts, check the pics below. I've been working on a ton of visual mix's for various club nights and bands, the next big one being DO IT! on the 4th Feb! So when everyone else is moaning that nothing happens and January is shit were all feeling the opposite, there's loads happening and we have too much to do and its great!